Protect the environment with e-waste management services offered by Eco Positive!

Eco Positive offers the following waste electrical and electronic (WEEE) management services through its authorized partners:

Collection & Recycling of electrical and electronic waste

Eco Positive collects electrical and electronic waste from across the country, ensuring it is stored and transported safely. 
Eco Positive ensures that electrical and electronic waste is recycled by using the most advanced technologies and processes.

Waste batteries and accumulators

Eco Positive offers services for the collection of waste batteries and accumulators, considering that these types of waste are dangerous for the environment and human health. The organization ensures that this waste is collected safely, labeled and transported to specialized recycling centers where it will be processed in a responsible manner and according to environmental and health standards.

Consulting and training in waste management

Eco Positive provides consulting and training services in waste management to support companies in meeting legal obligations and implementing best practices in the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Reporting and Compliance

 Eco Positive supports companies in meeting legal requirements regarding waste management, including reporting the quantities of waste generated and ensuring compliance with national and European regulations.

Information and collection channels

The collection services are offered through contracts concluded with authorized operators for the collection of WEEE, present in each county and are provided by Eco Positive with the aim of helping companies to fulfill their legal obligations regarding the management of electrical and electronic waste in a way safe, responsible and sustainable.

  • Partnership with local authorities, regarding waste collection through awareness campaigns addressed to urban and rural communities.

  • The collection service from institutions and companies, available at national level, which includes the necessary documentation for the disposal of WEEE.

  • TelVerde 0800444800 - a national and free WEEE information and collection service by telephone order.

  • - an online platform for information and taking free orders for the collection of bulky and heavy electrical waste from home or company headquarters.

  • Partnerships with retail chains to collect WEEE from consumers.


Eco Positive is a collective transfer of responsibility organization (OIREP) licensed by the competent authority to provide full management services for all categories of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). 

To ensure that your electrical and electronic equipment waste management activity complies with the legislation in force, we provide you, in the section dedicated exclusively to manufacturers, a list of the normative acts in force, articles of interest, observations, warnings, points of view and useful recommendations for compliance with environmental obligations.


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