Integrated services

Reporting and Compliance

Eco Positive ensures full traceability of waste, starting from the source of generation to the recycler, and provides transparency in the reporting of the quantities collected and sent for recycling. This approach creates a high level of confidence and accuracy in the waste management process. As an example, at Eco Positive, we use existing data in the traceability application to regularly report to AFM and ANPM the quantities collected and recycled, on behalf of producers.

An organization specializing in the management of electrical and electronic waste, Eco Positive uses an efficient reporting system for the documentation and traceability of collected waste.Through an IT application, the competent authorities receive detailed reports for each action carried out at local level in partnership with the Eco Positive team .

An important element in the WEEE collection activities carried out by Eco Positive is represented by local partners - collection operators - who, through their initiatives and efforts, ensure the quality of proximity services in the collection of waste from households. This close collaboration with local authorities and communities is essential to provide an efficient and sustainable service.  

Eco Positive is committed to the responsible management of electrical and electronic waste, helping to protect the environment and promoting the circular economy. Through the services offered, the organization supports manufacturers in fulfilling their legal obligations and ensures that the collection and recycling processes comply with the highest environmental standards.


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