SisCoBat – Collective battery and accumulator management system

Proper management of waste batteries and accumulators is essential to protect the environment and human health.

This hazardous waste is constantly generated by the intensive use of modern technology such as laptops, mobile and landline phones, large or small household appliances and any other appliance that operates on portable batteries and accumulators.

At European and national level, the principle of extended producer responsibility also applies to the management of DBA, which means that producers are responsible for setting up, coordinating and financing systems for the collection and treatment of this waste, complying with environmental legislation and taking complementary measures to reduce the generation of DBAs and the promotion of their reuse.

Waste batteries and accumulators contain valuable recyclable materials that can be reintroduced into the productive cycle.

 Considering that batteries and accumulators are dangerous for the environment and human health, we must ensure that they are properly recycled and the valuable materials are extracted according to the highest technological processes.

In this sense, European and national legislation imposes strict obligations regarding the separate collection of DBAs in order to minimize the risk of pollution and damage to public health.


SisCoBat is an affiliated entity of Eco Positive that takes over the legal obligations of battery and accumulator manufacturers regarding the management of battery and accumulator waste, at the same time offering consultancy and coordination of the whole process.

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